Earthworks WNC

March 2023

The Importance of Forests

Have you ever wondered what the significance of forests is for humans, animals, and the planet’s overall well-being? From the oxygen we breathe to some foods we enjoy, let’s delve into the six crucial aspects that demonstrate why robust forests are crucial for a healthy Earth. 1. Forests Improve Our Air Quality Forests play a

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Fruit Tree Care In Winter

6 Ways to Care for Fruit Trees During the Winter Season in Western North Carolina Your fruit trees’ needs decrease during winter, particularly for water. Nevertheless, there are still steps you can take to maintain their health and ensure their survival through the winter. This article will teach you how to care for your fruit

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Long-Term Care for Tree Health

Trees offer much more than just aesthetic appeal to the environment. They help clean the air by absorbing pollutants, lowering energy bills, producing oxygen, preventing soil erosion, and providing numerous social, economic, and environmental benefits. To fully utilize these benefits, proper maintenance is crucial. Regular care will ensure your trees stay healthy for a long

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