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Stumps are what’s left behind after a tree has fallen. Leftover stumps look visually unappealing but can also be dangerous if it’s in a location where children are at play. Since stumps can be difficult to remove on your own, we suggest you call us, your stump grinding service provider “near me” in Asheville, to take care of it. When the job’s done, there won’t be any evidence that a stump has ever been there.

Removing the Stump

Beetles, termites, and other wood borers often colonize a stump after a tree has been removed. By removing the stump, you can have a nicer-looking outdoor environment, as it will be easier to create new landscaping; forest termites and other insects are often drawn to a stump. When you hire to do the job, we’ll do it quickly and efficiently.

Grinding the Stump

If you want a stump in your yard removed, stump grinding is the best way to get rid of it. This process involves using a special machine to grind the stump down into wood chips. The best part about stump grinding is that it’s not a messy process: no need to dig up the stump or haul it away.

Choosing Us

No matter what size or kind of tree stump you have, we can safely remove it from your property, leaving no evidence that the tree ever existed. In addition, we eliminate the roots along with the stump, and we’re experienced in removing even the most difficult stump.

Safety is #1

Using the wrong heavy machinery when stump grinding can be hazardous. Our team is fully trained to operate these machines as safely as possible. As they work, our technicians follow all applicable and required safety procedures and rules. Regular safety training is provided, so our technicians are always updated with the latest techniques and equipment.

Removing tree stumps can offer several advantages. Stumps can become infested with insects like termites, ants, and beetles. In addition to the risk of tree roots undermining a home’s foundation, tree roots may also tangle fencing and utility lines.

Need Stump Removal?

Are you looking for stump grinding services “near me” in Asheville to deal with a frustrating stump in your front or back yard? Call us at 828-774-1984. We’ll come out and do a free estimate.

Earthworks Offers the Fastest Stump Removal

Don’t settle for “DIY stump removal in Asheville.” Hacking away at the stump isn’t worth it, nor is tying a chain around a stump and trying to pull it up with your 4×4. And don’t trust an Asheville tree removal service that uses harsh chemicals like acids. The fastest tree removal in Asheville is also the cleanest!

We have the right equipment and can remove a stump in Asheville in less than an hour using specialized equipment that grinds the stump down to level. Many of our Asheville-area customers bundle fast stump removal. That way, everything gets done at the same time and it’s more convenient for you.

How to Use Your Wood Chips After Stump Removal and Grinding

When you get a tree removed in Asheville, we haul it away for you so you don’t have to worry. Stump removal and grinding in Asheville is a little bit different. You’re left with fresh wood chips that will look and smell like the tree species of the stump. That can be an incredibly valuable side effect of Asheville stump grinding.

Here are some of the many ways you could use the wood chips from your stump removal and grinding:

Compost: Compost is the most popular use for wood chips and you won’t be disappointed when you get stump grinding. These wood chips make a fine addition to any compost pile to ensure it quickly biodegrades and creates the mulch you want for your garden or younger trees on your property.

Bird Cages: Wood chips are a great way to enhance any bird’s quality of life as a birdcage liner. Not only do they love the scent, but the texture is comfortable for them. It can cut down on pet odors when used in natural cat litter or packaged up neatly as a room deodorizer. The sky is the limit.

Barbecue: Using the right kind of wood chips on your gas or charcoal grill is an amazing way to imbue your meat with the epic flavor of wood smoke. Of course, every species of tree provides a slightly different taste experience. We’ll be sure to let you know if your tree species is one of the best for this idea.

After Asheville tree removal, Asheville stump removal and grinding is the next step – it can be done same day.

Ready for Stump Removal?

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