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Arden Tree Service

Do you need a local tree service in Arden, NC? Arden tree care just got easier with Earthworks Tree Services, Inc. Founder Joe Brady is a Barnardsville, NC arborist who has assembled a team of highly experienced tree experts to serve all your needs. We’re fast, friendly, and reliable, offering an Arden tree service you can count on — rain or shine.

With species like the flowering dogwood and Washington hawthorn, many Arden properties have a unique look as a result of their trees. Our mission is to preserve your trees so they’ll continue to be healthy and look their best.

Tree Love & Care (TLC) in Arden, NC

Our special Tree Love & Care (TLC) program is the result of Joe Brady’s life-long work in environmental science. Instead of using harsh chemicals, we introduce cultural, biological, and traditional techniques that help control pests and disease. Both trees and shrubs benefit from the program, which can offer advantages all year around.

Throughout the TLC program, you get the custom tailored Arden tree service you need for strong, vibrant trees. Tree trimming is one of the cornerstones of our service because it makes trees easier to care for and more resistant to stressors like poor weather. We also perform tree removal, tree pruning, and more.

Tree Removal in Arden, NC

Arden tree removal is one of the most important services we provide at Earthworks. It keeps you and your trees safe. We’re preservationists at heart, but sometimes tree removal is essential. If a tree is damaged or it’s about to come down, our team will safely fell it and haul it away for you.

With expert tree removal from an insured NC tree removal service, you never need to worry about accidents or oversights. Prompt tree removal means that diseases, pests, and fungi can’t spread from the damaged tree and harm others. We not only remove the tree, but all the related debris. We can even take care of the stump!

Tree Trimming in Arden, NC

Any tree, regardless of age or species, can get terrific benefits from Arden tree trimming. With tree trimming, we prune back any damaged branches while allowing more space for healthy ones to flourish. The result is an easier conversion of sunlight to energy, which helps the tree bounce back from anything nature throws at it.

Trees should be trimmed at least every three years. However, many of our customers opt for Arden tree trimming on an annual basis. Some businesses get twice-annual commercial tree trimming. Every premium Arden tree service we offer starts with an on-site assessment to determine the best course of action for you.

Tree Care in Arden, NC

When change is in the air, it’s time for Arden tree care! Trees can live for centuries, and some may be dozens of feet high, but they can be surprisingly sensitive to their environment. Preventive tree maintenance is a sound investment when you’re getting ready for new construction or simply as a seasonal precaution.

Our specialized Arden tree risk assessment will start you off on the right foot, while pre- and post-construction tree healthcare is just right for bigger projects. We can perform proven treatments for pests and fungi, manage tree soil assessments, and apply slow-release fertilizers that will continue to act for months.

Let’s Work Together

Arden tree service is our #1 passion, but we can also help you with issues related to keeping your land tidy and ready for use. We offer stump removal, stump grinding, and lot clearing in Arden and surrounding communities. Contact us to learn more or get started today.
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