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Looking for a Black Mountain tree service you can count on? For residential tree services and commercial tree services alike, Earthworks is here to help. No job is too big for experienced arborist Joe Brady and his team of hand-picked professionals. We pride ourselves on high quality, safety, and excellent customer service.

Standing right at the edge of the majestic Black Mountains, the community of Black Mountain, NC has a broad assortment of some of the state’s most vibrant trees. Our friendly experts are here to ensure your trees stay healthy, beautiful, and easy to care for between our visits.

Our frequently requested Black Mountain tree services include:

Tree Services in Black Mountain, NC

Joe Brady designed the Tree Love and Care (TLC) program as a comprehensive approach to meeting the needs of trees in Black Mountain and the rest of our service area. We employ cultural, biological, and traditional tree care methods that control pests and diseases without harsh chemicals. Trees and shrubs can both benefit!

At the start of any Black Mountain tree service, we assess the health of your trees and the right way to help them flourish. We provide services such as tree trimming, tree removal, tree pruning, and much more. We’ll also advise you on simple approaches to extend the benefits to your trees during the coming months.

Tree Removal in Black Mountain, NC

Sometimes, Black Mountain tree removal is the best thing you can do for your safety, your property, and the rest of your trees. If a damaged or diseased tree can’t bounce back with tree trimming or other services, we’ll safely and quickly fell it. We haul away all tree removal debris and can also remove the stump, if you prefer.

We are experts in hazardous tree removal. We’re one of the only local tree removal services in the Black Mountain area with a spider lift, which enables us to get into tight areas and manage trees that are hanging over property or getting close to power lines.

Tree Trimming in Black Mountain, NC

Tree trimming is the backbone of a good Black Mountain tree service. It’s the one treatment that can enhance the health and vitality of almost any tree. By pruning away damaged branches and reducing overcrowding, we ensure more sunlight is absorbed throughout the tree, making it hardier against environmental stress.

Tree trimming strengthens trees against pests, disease, and even bad weather. At the same time, it can be used to shape a tree so it meets your aesthetic requirements and even sheds less. Trees should be trimmed at least once every three years, but Black Mountain tree trimming can also be performed yearly or twice annually.

Tree Care in Black Mountain, NC

Regular tree care, including preventive maintenance for trees, helps keep trees healthy and prevents pests, fungi, and bacteria from spreading. Preventive tree maintenance is the best way to make sure your trees are ready for new construction that might disturb their growing environment.

Our Black Mountain tree care also entails complete tree risk assessment, including seasonal risk assessment. We manage full-spectrum treatment for pests and fungi, remove underbrush to encourage healthy growth and make property easier to navigate, do tree soil assessments, and even apply long-lasting, slow-release fertilizer.

Let’s Work Together

We can also help you with issues related to keeping your land tidy and ready for use. We offer stump removal, stump grinding, and lot clearing in Black Mountain and surrounding communities. To get the most from your land and trees, count on us! Contact Earthworks Tree Service to find out more or to get started.
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