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Swannanoa Tree Service

When you need a Swannanoa tree service you can count on for quality, punctuality, and exceptional customer care, you can always call on Earthworks Tree Service. Founded by arborist Joe Brady more than 20 years ago, Earthworks has pioneered a higher level of caring and professional tree service.

Swannanoa NC Tree Care

Many trees can live for centuries, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a little help along the way! Earthworks cares for current tree health problems like pests and fungi while delivering preventive treatments to ensure the tree’s longevity, including branch pruning, underbrush removal, and tree soil assessments, to name a few.

Tree care is even more important when you’re about to erect new construction near a tree. Even mature, established trees could go into shock and die. We perform pre-construction tree health assessments, post-construction tree health assessments, and tree risk assessments so all kinds of trees can flourish.

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Swannanoa NC Tree Removal

What’s the most common tree service? Without a doubt, it’s tree removal! No matter if a tree is damaged, leaning over, or has already fallen, it’s always best to call a professional tree removal service. If a downed tree is left, it quickly becomes a dangerous ecosystem for pests and disease.

Earthworks Tree Service brings a level of expertise to tree removal that others can’t match, whether it’s an emergency tree removal or not. We’ll keep you safe and treat your land with respect by carefully felling and hauling away any tree. Our advanced equipment ensures fast and safe tree removal every time.

Swannanoa NC Tree Trimming

Want your trees to stay healthy and vibrant for months to come? Your trees can look and feel their best with our Swannanoa tree trimming service. With our tailored, precision approach, we improve airflow and light across the crown of the tree, making it easier to convert the maximum amount of sunlight into energy.

After tree trimming, your trees will be hardier and more resistant to pests, fungi, disease, and even the effects of bad weather. Trees also end up more balanced and supported. They’re less likely to experience any nuisance shedding and we can cut branches back from power lines and other hazards, saving you time.

Swannanoa NC Stump Grinding

Consider adding stump grinding to your tree removal project to make your life easier. Keep family members and guests from twisting an ankle when that tripping hazard is brought completely to level. You will even get fresh, natural wood chips that you can use in your garden or on any compost pile.

Even if nobody ever walks through the area where a stump is found, it’s best to pursue our safe and natural stump grinding. Wood-boring insects are always eager to colonize a stump, and then they can spread to other trees throughout the lot or even into your home. Stump grinding solves the issue for good.

Swannanoa NC Land Clearing

Time for a fresh start? “DIY land clearing” can take weeks of work. Accelerate the process to as little as one day with our land clearing service in Swannanoa. We’ll remove underbrush, stumps, rocks, weeds, and (of course) we’ll even perform tree removal as part of your lot clearing service package.

Our land-clearing service is the ideal way to get ready for any construction project and get underway faster. Everything we remove gets hauled away for you, too.

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