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Our Passion is Caring…For You & Your Trees

Earthworks Tree Services in Asheville NC is owned and operated by arborist Joe Brady, a WNC local. Joe grew up in Barnardsville, NC. His love of trees began with climbing trees with his younger brother. By age 15, he was hiking the Appalachian Trail while his father, who has a degree in environmental science, educated Joe regarding the native trees along the way. 

As a teenager, Joe and his brother acquired some antique climbing gear and started climbing. That’s when Joe realized that he had found his passion. He founded Earthworks Tree Services twenty years ago and has been happily climbing trees ever since.

Earthworks Tree Services uses contemporary and efficient practices in the field. Our certified arborists take time to continually educate themselves, travel to events and expos regularly, and serve the community. Our team is skilled in climbing, rigging, making educated evaluations of hazardous trees, and plant health care.

Our main goal is to care for trees, as well as administering techniques to preserve them. Our goal is to always recommend what is best for the safety of you and your loved ones.

We are expert arborists who’s passion is to care for you and your trees.

Gallery - Tree Services in Asheville NC

Browse images of us on the job. Click Gallery to see us in action. It’s our passion to protect the healthy treescape in Western North Carolina. 

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Ready to learn more about tree care? Call us at 828-774-1984. Our passion is protecting the healthy treescape in WNC.
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