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Hendersonville NC Tree Service

Want the best Hendersonville tree service? Headed by arborist Joe Brady, Earthworks Tree Service brings a hand-picked team of experts with over 20 years’ experience to every job. Hendersonville NC tree services are faster, easier, and more effective than ever before with the company that cares about you and your trees.

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Hendersonville NC Tree Care

Thanks to our Hendersonville tree care services, you don’t need to leave your trees’ health to chance. From the top of the crown all to the roots, we use custom Hendersonville NC tree care to prevent or treat problems like pests and fungi and do protective treatments like pruning, underbrush removal, and tree soil assessments.

Our Hendersonville tree care experts evaluate the health of your trees and tailor an approach to their needs. We are often called on for tree risk assessments and pre- or post-construction care. We will help you ensure all your trees survive the disruption of a new construction project and go on to flourish for years to come.

Hendersonville NC Tree Removal

In the world of Hendersonville tree service, emergency tree removal is the most common call. If your tree is weakened by pests or damaged by rough weather, it might be only a matter of time before it comes down. We can safely fell and remove a tree in any condition thanks to our advanced training and equipment.

No matter how large a tree is or how difficult it is to access, Earthworks Tree Service will remove a tree in as little as one hour. Unsure whether a tree needs to come down? As dedicated tree preservationists, we’ll review the situation and provide alternatives if the tree can still be saved.

Hendersonville NC Tree Trimming

What’s the best thing you can do to support the health, beauty, and longevity of your tree all in one treatment? Tree trimming in Hendersonville is the answer. By carefully paring back certain branches and leaving others, an expert can improve the tree’s conversion of sunlight into energy, making it more resilient than ever.

Tree trimming is a powerful investment in any tree’s well-being because it continues to have positive effects for many months to come. Between tree service appointments, you’ll discover professional tree trimming is the #1 solution to nuisance shedding and saves you time on tree care no matter the season or weather.

Hendersonville NC Stump Grinding

After you get the tree removed, stump grinding is the next step that makes sense. Don’t leave a tripping hazard on your lot – get your Hendersonville stump grinding and eliminate it. When you do, you’ll also remove a tempting target for fungus and pests that can spread from stumps to other trees.

While some stump removal services use harsh chemicals and other methods that can harm the underlying soil, Earthworks Tree Service exclusively uses safe and natural stump grinding. Not only do you bring the stump down to the level in an hour or less, but you’ll also even get fresh wood chips with a variety of uses.

Hendersonville NC Land Clearing

Our land-clearing services are second to none. No matter how big your lot is, we’ll leave you with even ground that’s simple to navigate, build on, and maintain. Our thorough lot clearing includes the removal of all underbrush, weeds, roots, stones, stumps, and anything else that needs to go. We’ll haul it all away for you in no time flat!

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