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The beautiful trees of Weaverville provide shade and vibrant color for a relaxed stroll down historic Main Street. When you want the trees on your own property to look just as good, Earthworks Tree Services has the solution with the best tree services in Weaverville and beyond.

In the World of Tree Services Weaverville Can Count on Earthworks

With local arborist Joe Brady at the helm, Earthworks Tree Services is the name you can trust for both commercial tree services and residential tree services in Weaverville. With years of experience and all the best equipment, we get the job done right and fast.

Here are the tree services
Weaverville requests most:

Tree Services in Weaverville

Our Weaverville tree services run the gamut from tree pruning to tree removal. Ask us about the Tree Love and Care (TLC) program, our unique approach to full life-cycle tree wellness. We apply cultural, biological, and traditional approaches to insect and disease control to improve health and aesthetics.

Tree Removal in Weaverville

As dedicated preservationists, we’ll do everything possible to save your trees – but Weaverville tree removal is sometimes your best option. We carefully fell and haul away damaged or hazardous trees. Tree removal is essential to protecting other trees on the property from pests, fungi, and bacteria.

Tree Trimming in Weaverville

Done correctly, Weaverville tree trimming enhances the health and appearance of a tree for up to 12 months. Tree trimming involves the careful removal of damaged or dead branches to conserve energy for the tree. It’s also the perfect time to shape it so branches avoid power lines and other hazards.

Tree Care in Weaverville

If a tree is damaged, it’s not the end of the story. Weather, pests, and disease can all wreak havoc on a tree, but appropriate tree care may give it a second chance. Our arborists will carefully assess the tree and develop a combination of approaches to stabilize it and improve its long-term wellness.

Stump Grinding in Weaverville

Once you get Weaverville tree removal, there’s still one issue to be aware of: The stump! A tree stump is a serious tripping hazard that could harm your family, guests, or customers. We grind stumps fully to level, ensuring they are flat and can’t be used as a breeding ground for pest or tree-borne diseases.

Lot Clearing in Weaverville

When it’s time to start over, Weaverville lot clearing is the answer. With our popular Weaverville land clearing service, you can get a fresh start on new construction or landscaping. We’ll remove any trees, shrubs, bushes, underbrush, weeds, roots, rocks, and other debris and haul it all away for you.

Emergency Tree Services in Weaverville

Sometimes, you just can’t wait. Earthworks is the #1 choice for Weaverville emergency tree removal. Our advanced boom truck, spider lift, and other equipment enable us to take immediate action on tree removal 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even in the middle of the night, we’ll be there!

We Strive to Be the Best Tree Service in Weaverville – See the Difference Today

With nearly 50 Google reviews, our perfect 5.0 score is a testament to our commitment to quality and the best customer service. We also have a 5.0 review score on Yelp and other websites you trust. Odds are good your friends and neighbors have used our Weaverville tree services.

Get in Touch for the Best Weaverville Tree Services

Don’t be tempted to “DIY tree services.” Use an experienced, fully insured tree service that cares about your trees and treats your property with respect. Contact us to discover more or get started with our tree services today.
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