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Earthworks Tree Services in Asheville NC is a tree care service company that protects the healthy treescape in Western North Carolina. Offering the most comprehensive tree care practices in Asheville, NC and the surrounding areas, these tree-loving arborists provide professional, courteous tree removal and tree trimming services to ensure your trees look beautiful, are healthy and pose no risks.

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Tree Services

Transform your landscape! We boost tree aesthetics and longevity. Watch your trees flourish, disease-free, as we prioritize their growth.

Tree Removal

We guarantee swift and secure tree removal. Our seasoned expertise and cutting-edge machinery guarantee a rapid solution for residents and businesses.

Tree Trimming

Our expert tree trimming not only enhances vitality but also halts the spread of diseases, fungi, and decay. Invest in your trees’ well-being – revitalize your trees with precision pruning!

Tree Care

Elevate your trees with our Tree Love and Care (TLC) program! Essential for maintenance, health, and aesthetics, regular pruning ensures vibrant growth while eradicating diseases.

Stump Grinding

Banish stumps effortlessly with stump grinding. Our specialized machinery transforms stumps into wood chips without the mess. No digging or hauling required!

Lot Clearing

Seize control of your land’s potential! We specialize in removal of brush, trees, and stumps so that  you can make the most of your property. Unlock your land’s possibilities!

Asheville Tree Removal

This environmentally sensitive local tree service company is fully licensed and insured. They boast an excellent safety track record, as their employees are routinely trained in safety precautions and operations. They have knowledge of and share their passion for:

Our Asheville Tree Service is Trusted by Local Customers

When you need professional Asheville tree services led by an experienced arborist, Earthworks Tree Services is a name that you can count on. Earthworks’ unique Tree Love and Care (TLC) program represents the highest level of Asheville tree services to keep trees healthy, safe, and looking their best.

Good Asheville tree services offer care that encompasses a tree’s full life cycle. Even trees that are centuries old can benefit from tree trimming and other Asheville tree services. A single visit from a professional NC arborist is the key to helping your tree flourish for the whole year to come.


Expert Asheville Tree Services for Large Trees

Large trees can actually make a home safer. They act as natural windbreaks and ensure nutrient-rich soil is less prone to erosion. While large tree removal in Asheville is sometimes necessary, Earthworks Tree Services aims to extend the healthy life of each tree for a diverse treescape that can more easily stand up to stressors.

Our professional Asheville tree trimming and crown management will give your tree a new lease on life. By making it easier for trees to convert sunlight into energy, they become more resilient. That means they can resist key dangers like pests, disease, and even harsh weather better than ever before.

Large trees can present special challenges. Hazardous, overhanging branches need care and attention before they do any harm. The best Asheville tree services can prune problem branches without causing the tree to experience shock, so branches don’t grow back too fast.

Tree Removal by the Professionals at Earthworks Tree Services

Earthworks Tree Services evaluates trees to provide alternatives to tree removal whenever possible. If it simply can’t be avoided, Earthworks tree removal services are the safe and friendly choice. As a locally owned Asheville tree service, Earthworks is a fully licensed and insured company trusted by homeowners and business owners throughout Asheville.

24-hour emergency tree services in Asheville are available when a tree comes down after a storm or for any other reason. There is never any need to wait for a tree to fall. Customers can stay safe and leave it all to the professionals at Earthworks. No job is too big or too small for the best tree removal in Asheville, NC.

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Why Do Trees Need to be Removed?

Trees can suffer damage from a variety of pests, weather events and diseases. Earthworks Tree Services specializes in tree removal when necessary, especially trees with limited access, near utility lines or with extreme decay. This Asheville tree care company removes trees using modern, well-maintained equipment, such as cranes. They’re often hired by other tree service companies as expert arborists and tree removers. Trees may need to be removed for a number of reasons, such as because they’re:

Our Strict Code of Ethics

The tree experts at Earthworks Tree Services are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), a designation that requires both training and a strict code of ethics. While, as your Asheville tree service company, they try to save your trees, sometimes, removing a tree is the best solution — for that tree, neighboring trees and your property. Before removing a tree, they consider the surrounding trees, lawns, hard and soft landscapes, buildings, power lines, neighboring properties, terrain, vehicles and access, as well as everyone’s safety and well-being.

Why Do Trees Need Maintenance?

Trees provide shade and an environment for birds and other beneficial animals. They protect against erosion and act as wind-breakers. But trees need regular health maintenance, just like people. You may need to prune your trees to improve their aesthetics, help them recover their health, clear a sightline, or open more space for solar panels.
Since there are thousands of varieties of trees native to Western North Carolina, choose a tree trimming contractor in Asheville who knows the different needs and preferences of the native tree species. Earthworks Tree Services is your “arborist near me” in Asheville, NC, that supports all trees and shrubs, including fruit trees and bushes. Best of all, perhaps, they treat you, your home or business like you’re part of the family.

Why Should I Choose Earthworks Tree Service?

With more than a decade of experience, this local, Asheville-based tree service contractor offers free estimates for taking care of your tree problems, whether you need a tree removed, some basic tree maintenance or even emergency service after a storm. Earthworks Tree Services provides a wide range of services.

Operating in and around Asheville, NC, Earthworks Tree Services is a company with proper, up-to-date insurance, including worker’s compensation and general liability, to protect its employees and your personal property. Using modern, well-maintained equipment minimizes damage to your surrounding yard. We are your “arborists tree services near me” in Asheville, NC, offering tree removal and tree services, and can ensure your trees don’t create a hazard to your home, office, commercial building, vehicles, other structures or landscaping.



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