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Some Key Benefits of Stump Grinding

Everyone knows you don’t want to have pests in your house. And you know that trees can be a tempting home for pests, too. But the average person has probably never thought about the fact that the stump you’ll end up with after tree removal in Asheville can also attract plenty of pests.

In fact, it’s much easier for many pests to colonize a stump than it is for them to make their way into a living tree. A living tree has defense mechanisms that can protect it from pests, but the same isn’t true of a stump. Stumps are much more vulnerable to pests and they can come right in.

Wood-Boring Insects Are Just Waiting to Get to Your Stump

Wood-boring insects like beetles and termites often prey on healthy, live trees – but they can go into overdrive when the tree is removed and the stump stays put. No matter whether you had tree removal in Asheville done by a professional or your tree simply came down on its own, stump removal is worthwhile.

We’ve worked with customers in Asheville who’ve found leaving stumps on their property caused all kinds of headaches in the future. Not only is a stump a tripping hazard, but pests can gradually leapfrog from a stump all the way to other trees on the property. Then, all those trees may also be in danger.

Stump Grinding Protects Your Land and Your Other Trees

Luckily, there’s a safe and easy way to get rid of stumps in Asheville without having to use harsh chemicals. Don’t bother to look up “DIY stump removal” – save time, money, and aggravation by getting professional stump grinding in Asheville. We’re the experts who care about your success and treat your property right.

With safe, all-natural stump grinding in Asheville, there’s no chance that pests will be attracted to a stump since no part of it will be left. We grind the stump to level using special equipment that leaves you with nothing but a pile of fresh wood chips. You can use them however you want or we can take them away for you.

Plus, stump grinding is the best way to make your outdoor environment even more beautiful. The spot where the tree was will be left completely flat and level so you can do whatever you want with your landscaping.

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