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Keeping Trees Healthy & Beautiful

Your trees might require a lot of work to keep them healthy and beautiful. You might have a lot of trees on your property that need attention. Trees that are not properly cared for may decline in appearance and perish. Since 2012, we’ve worked hard to continually improve the appearance and health of trees through tree trimming services “near me” in Asheville, NC.

Starting with an Assessment

If you have the time or expertise to maintain your landscaping, it can continue in appearance and value. Our process involves coming to your property and doing an assessment to determine what we should focus on. Part of this process involves us deciding together what needs to be done with the trees so we can take care of issues immediately. Don’t worry; we’ll clean up after ourselves when the job’s done so you can enjoy your yard again immediately.

Why Do Trees Need to be Trimmed?

Maintaining your tree’s health helps encourage proper growth and shape, resulting in longer and more beautiful life. Trimming a tree removes dead branches that hinder healthy growth. Regular tree pruning can remove any portions that have a disease, fungi, and other types of decay, stopping them from spreading to healthier branches. Of course, seeing your surroundings improves your yard view and aesthetic appeal.

What’s Involved With Our Asheville Tree Trimming Service?

Tree trimming is the removal of a tree’s dead branches. It is the removal of any diseased or decaying portions. Specially trained arborists use their knowledge and tools to safely remove dead branches. Trees that are not properly pruned can decline in appearance and even perish. Tree trimming improves the health and appearance of the tree.

We advise using an experienced arborist. Tree trimming can be dangerous without the correct safety equipment and experience. We have the necessary safety equipment to prune your trees safely.

Tree trimming is imperative to keeping your trees healthy, safe, and beautiful. Pruning will maintain the health and beauty of the tree whilst creating a safe environment around your property. The removal of diseased and dead branches allows for new healthy growth.

When expertly done, tree trimming will not damage your tree. Our passion is trees, so we will not do anything that will damage your tree. We have the scientific knowledge and years of experience to treat your tree with care.

You should consider tree trimming if you want to maintain the good health and lifespan of your trees. It is also beneficial as it can promote safety around your property. If you have a large tree that needs attention or lots of trees surrounding your property, you should contact us for an evaluation.

Trees should be trimmed on average every three years, depending on the size of your tree. Our arborists will come out to your property and complete a full assessment. A plan will be created to determine how often your trees should be pruned and any other treatments to keep your trees happy and healthy.

We always remove any trimmed branches and clear up any debris after the job is done. We will leave your property, whether residential or commercial, clean, clear, and safe. If we have had to do complete tree removal, we will take away the tree, any felled branches, and the stump.

The on-site tree service assessment can take as little as an hour. It may take longer if you have a bigger property with lots of trees. In addition to getting familiar with the type and condition of your trees, we also want to take the time to discuss your options so you can make an informed choice about Asheville tree trimming.

Some customers do prefer to have their trees trimmed more frequently than every three years. Annual tree trimming can be effective for trees that otherwise cause nuisance by shedding — or other problems that develop as trees age. Companies oftentimes need tree trimming on a twice-annual basis. This keeps trees in a pleasing shape.

Tree trimming is safe when performed by experienced arborists. It’s important to choose a local tree service that customizes the treatment to each tree. Harsh methods like “topping” (where the top branches are cut horizontally) can send the tree into shock, lead to rapid grow-back, or even kill the tree.

Tree trimming is a good idea for all healthy trees and even most trees dealing with disease or pests. With tree trimming, the tree’s natural defenses are strengthened and it may be able to bounce back from problems. But some trees may be too far gone. Our on-site assessment will determine if tree removal is a better option.

Yes! Earthworks is the “all in one” service for tree trimming Asheville can use throughout a tree’s life-cycle. If we determine a tree has serious structural damage due to pests, disease, weather, or other factors, we can go on to tree removal right away – usually on the same day.

While trimming a single tree may take less than an hour, it depends on how many trees you have. We strive to complete most tree trimming projects in one day. We’ll work around your schedule for maximum convenience.

When it comes to tree trimming, Western North Carolina residents can count on Earthworks for the “done for you” experience. You are welcome to check up on our work, but we ask that you stay indoors while work is being performed.

Let’s Work Together

Do you have a tree that needs to be trimmed? Call us at 828-774-1984. Let’s work together to improve your yard’s appearance and home value.
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