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Invest in the Safety & Longevity of Your Property

Taking proper care of your trees with proper Asheville tree care by performing preventive maintenance is an investment in your safety and the longevity of your property. How you care for your trees in their early years will determine their shape, strength, health, and longevity. Since 2012, we’ve been at the art of caring for trees. Why? Because we believe that properly pruned and cared for trees are beautiful and nourishing for the soul.

Is Construction Happening?

Do you have a construction project going on? Our team can set up Pre- and post-construction health care programs. Using state-of-the-art tools, we can set up vegetation and soil protection zone preparation/restoration or minimally invasive utility trenching.

Tree Risk Assessment

Our experts are trained to read a tree’s body language, including its health and structure. As your tree care partners “near me” in Asheville, we can inspect a tree’s structure and provide a report to inform you of any issues so you can make smart tree management choices.

What’s Involved with our Asheville Tree Care Services?

Let’s Discuss Tree Care

Ready to learn more about tree care? Call us at 828-774-1984. Our passion is protecting the healthy treescape in WNC.
Tree care is very important for the maintenance, health, and aesthetics of your trees. Regular pruning allows for healthy growth and will remove any disease, stopping the spread to other trees and plants. Our Tree Love and Care (TLC) program uses cultural, biological, and traditional insect and disease control techniques.
To improve the soil around your trees, add organic matter, mulch, biochar, and regularly aerate your soil. This will all help improve its quality. Test and adjust your soil’s PH, practice crop rotation and use a diverse range of plants to attract beneficial organisms. Finding out what type of soil you have will also help you to determine how to keep it healthy.
Pruning branches and thinning reduces overcrowding and allows for healthy growth. Removing any diseased portions will stop the spread. We can complete a tree assessment and provide care, including treatments for pests and fungi.
You may notice unusual yellowing leaves, insect damage, wilting, brown dying leaves and needles, mold patches, holes in leaves, dead and dropping branches. If you are concerned about your trees, then contact our expert team, who will provide a full health check.
When doing construction work or landscaping, whether residential or commercial, it is important to protect your trees and plants. Our team can set up pre-and-post construction health care programs. Setting up vegetation and soil protection zones and minimally invasive utility trenches.

Why Does New Construction Oftentimes Require Tree Care and Tree Risk Assessments?

Believe it or not, even a small construction project near your trees could cause serious problems. In some cases, they could go into shock and die. Our Asheville-based tree care service consists of several different interventions we can customize to make sure your trees are protected from harm.

Asheville tree care defends your trees from these risks and more:

Soil Compaction: As people and equipment move around the tree, soil compaction limits the amount of oxygen available to the roots. Soil compaction can be prevented by rerouting traffic as much as possible. In some cases, special soil amendments can be used to ensure better oxygen flow through the soil during the project.

Mechanical Damage: Direct damage to the trunk of the tree by construction equipment is another major risk. It may not be obvious at a glance, but damage to a tree’s bark reduces the movement of water and key nutrients throughout the trunk. If equipment passes nearby, trees should be protected.

Protecting Trees During Construction with Asheville Tree Care:

Most of a tree’s roots are located in the topmost foot of soil and extend well beyond the visible “footprint” of the tree. Changing the grade of the surrounding soil can stifle the roots. If there are open wounds to the tree, the combination of trunk and root damage is especially risky. Fungus and pests can attack.

Ideally, your construction project would do nothing around, in, or atop the root system. First and foremost, we can outline the actual extent of the root system so you know what you’re dealing with. This simple preventive measure can save you a lot of time and money both during and after your construction.

Combine our Asheville tree care with a pre-construction tree risk assessment in Asheville and you’ll be able to put up a fence at exactly the right place to safeguard your trees. Lowering the grade of nearby soil, adding any more soil, trenching, storing materials, or parking and operating equipment should be prohibited.

When construction is over, a protective fence can come down. The protective perimeter all depends on the age and species of the tree. Our experienced and highly trained arborists will take care of it for you so you can have maximum success in your project without sacrificing your healthy trees in the process.

Let’s Discuss Tree Care

Ready to learn more about tree care? Call us at 828-774-1984. Our passion is protecting the healthy treescape in WNC.
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