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Ants Around Trees and How to Get Rid of Them

Trees and pests: It’s a match nobody loves. When you spot ants around your trees in North Carolina, it’s natural to want them away as soon as possible. Even if some ants aren’t a direct threat to your trees, they can wreak havoc on your landscaping, impacting your beautiful green spaces. But should you always be alarmed when you see ants? Let’s dive deeper.

Why Are Ants Drawn to Trees?

Ants have a couple of major reasons for their tree fascination:

Sweet treats: Ants are often after honeydew, which other insects leave behind. This sugary substance provides nutrition for them and their little ones.

Home hunting: Trees with decaying wood or cavities are like prime real estate for ants.

While ants aren’t the direct culprits of tree damage, they can act as an alarm bell. Their attraction to residues from other insects or preference for decaying wood spots could mean your tree has underlying issues.

Common Ants You Might Spot Near Trees

In the realm of tree-loving ants, a couple of species stand out:

Carpenter Ants: Spotting sawdust piles at your tree’s base? It’s a sign carpenter ants have moved in. Though they only target rotting wood, their presence can indicate a tree’s potential risk of toppling. If these little critters bother you, you might want to think about “local tree services in my area” to get expert guidance.

Red Fire Ants: Especially fond of younger trees, these ants aren’t just a tree problem. Their stings can leave humans and pets with painful blisters. Spotting dome-like mounds at your tree base? It might be these fiery nuisances. If so, it’s advisable to get an expert involved.

While these are just a few common types, any ant activity near trees should catch your attention.

Tips to Kick Ants Off Your Trees

If ants decide to expand their territory from your trees to other parts of your property or even inside your home, consider these remedies:

Peppermint potion: A blend of peppermint oil and water can repel ants. They can’t stand the scent!

Bait at the base: Setting up bait traps at the base of your trees can capture wandering ants.

Target their food: Using insecticides to eliminate insects that feed on sap will cut off the ant’s honeydew supply.

Yet, sometimes, more than these DIY solutions might be needed.

Need Tree Expert Help? Contact Earthworks Tree Services!

If you’re battling ants in North Carolina and worry they might make the leap from your trees to your home, don’t hesitate to call Earthworks Tree Services. We’re not just about trees but the whole ecosystem surrounding them. From general tree services to emergency responses, our team offers comprehensive solutions to keep your green spaces ant-free. Ready to tackle your ant issue? Get in touch with us for a free quote. Our tree experts are eager to assist with all your tree care needs!

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