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Customized Tree Care by Expert Arborists

Certified arborists specialize in maintaining the health and well-being of various tree and shrub species. These experts undergo rigorous training and continuously update their knowledge in arboriculture science, technology, and best practices.

At Earthworks Tree Services, Inc. our certified arborists provide various services to create tailored care plans for your trees, shrubs, and woody plants, ensuring optimal growth and development.

Tree Trimming & Pruning Services

Regular tree trimming and pruning are necessary for sustaining the health and beauty of your trees. Inadequate cutting techniques may hinder growth or even lead to the tree’s death. Our certified arborists offer informed care and utilize appropriate trimming and pruning methods for each tree species to encourage optimal growth.

Apart from enhancing your trees’ natural beauty, our arborists understand how trees react to pruning, trimming, decay, and external damage (CODIT), enabling them to deliver personalized care for each tree. This approach promotes lush, strong, and pest-resistant trees, less susceptible to diseases.

Safe and Efficient Tree Removal

Arborists dedicate their careers to promoting all tree species’ health, safety, and beauty. While they often diagnose and treat tree issues, tree removal may be necessary in some cases to ensure overall property health and safety.

Tree removal is a hazardous task that requires proper training, experience, and equipment. Our certified arborists can safely and carefully handle tree removal, transportation, and disposal, preventing damage to your property or surrounding landscape.

Tree Planting and Transplanting Solutions

Collaborating with an arborist for tree landscaping ensures a thriving, healthy, and safe environment on your property. Our arborists can recommend the most suitable tree species based on your preferences, property requirements, and environmental conditions.

Whatever your landscaping objectives, our arborists can help bring them to life. Understanding the unique needs of each tree species, our certified arborists can advise on watering, sunlight exposure, and soil quality for optimal growth. They can also assist in designing drought-resistant or fire-resistant landscapes.

Comprehensive Tree Health Inspections

Arborists can identify and address tree diseases, pest infestations, and other health and safety risks. During routine health inspections, they thoroughly assess each tree for signs of damage or environmental concerns and their underlying causes.

Our arborists provide informed recommendations for ongoing tree care and maintenance based on these inspections.

Vegetation Management and Fire-Resistant Landscaping

Our arborists offer personalized tree care and vegetation management to keep your property beautiful, healthy, and safe throughout the year.

In wildfire-prone regions, tree care professionals recognize the significance of maintaining a healthy landscape while creating Wildfire Defensible Spaces. Our arborists work diligently to protect your property from wildfires and reduce the risks to our community’s health and safety.

Investing in personalized tree care from certified arborists ensures that your trees, shrubs, and woody plants receive the best care and attention. From trimming and pruning to tree removal, planting, and health inspections, our expert arborists at Earthworks Tree Services, Inc. provides comprehensive services tailored to your property’s unique needs.

By incorporating vegetation management and fire-resistant landscaping strategies, we contribute to a safer and more sustainable environment for our community. Trust the expertise of certified arborists to maintain and enhance your landscape’s health, beauty, and safety for years to come.

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