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Helping Your Landscape Beat the Drought

Do you know those dry North Carolina days when everything looks thirsty? Trees, plants, and even your lawn can feel the strain. But with some insight, you can help your landscape thrive, even in arid conditions.

The Struggles Trees Face in Dry Time

First, let’s understand the challenge. When the soil dries out, it’s like the plants’ water source dries up. Trees can show signs of distress, like:

  • Leaves curling or wilting
  • Scorched-looking leaves
  • Shedding leaves or a thinner canopy
  • Branches dying off
  • Invading wood-boring insects
  • Pine tree needles turning from fresh green to a rusty color or grayish hue

If you’re seeing these symptoms, it’s time to take action. Remember the local tree removal option if things go south – Earthworks Tree Services is always there to help.

Nurturing Young Trees in Dry Spell

Young or newly planted trees can be especially vulnerable. But following these watering tips can be a game-changer:

  • When planting and filling the soil around the tree’s root ball, moisten every 6 inches of soil to help it settle.
  • After planting, drench the root ball till there’s standing water on the surface – do this weekly.
  • Aim to gently water under the tree’s canopy, providing about a gallon of water for every square foot weekly, keeping an eye on the weather.

Keeping Mature Trees Hydrated

Grown-up trees have their strengths, thanks to their extensive root networks. They can fetch water from deep down. But that doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate some help:

  • Water them deeply about every 5-7 days, ensuring the water penetrates around 12 inches deep. Drip irrigation systems can be your best buddy here.
  • Some trees are tough cookies in dry weather, especially local species, trees with tiny leaves, and trees with upright or multi-layered crowns.

Show Your Shrubs Some Love

Your shrubs need care too:

  • Mulch is your shrub’s best friend. A 2-3 inch layer keeps the soil cool and retains moisture. Just make sure it doesn’t touch the plant stems.
  • Watering early in the day is ideal. Make it deep to promote root growth. Doing this twice a week should do the trick.

Lawn Care in Dry Weather

Even your lawn can feel the heat:

  • To keep grass happy, water it deeply but only a few times. Early mornings are best to avoid water wastage.
  • Water new lawns daily in the mornings and late afternoons till the grass takes root. Adjust your watering habits based on how your lawn is growing and the current weather.

Remember, Earthworks Tree Services is always around to offer advice or help, especially when considering local tree removal. Let’s keep North Carolina green, even when it’s feeling a little dry!

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